Wednesday, October 18, 2006

#57 Past Redemption: The Darkwing Chronicles, Book Two by Savannah Russe

My Rating: 10 out of 10 stars

This was another great read which I liked just as much, if not more than, Beyond the Pale, the first in the series.

Team Darkwing is starting to become a tightly-knit and efficient group that works well together. And their latest assignment is to track down the individuals responsible for the emergence of the latest party drug called susto, which is causing deaths up and down the club scene. This is not the only thing going on though. There's also Darius, Daphne's ex whom she converted at the end of the last book in order to save his life. But he's quite resentful about it, previously being a vampire hunter and all, and now she's put through the ringer on the relationship front as well. The dynamics between Daphne and Darius only add to the rest of the story, and the mission Team Darkwing is sent out to solve.

I'm anxiously looking forward to book 3 of The Darkwing Chronicles. Too bad it's not coming out until February 2007.

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