Saturday, October 07, 2006

#55 The Hunted: A Vampire Huntress Legend by L. A. Banks

My Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

I have to say I definitely liked this better than the first two in this series. And after reading the teaser for The Bitten at the end, I'm anxiously looking forward to that one now too.

Granted like the first two, the writing style got to me at times. Were it not for the fact that the characters tend to say a lot of useless and unimportant stuff, I might've gotten lost in the dialogue sometimes, partially because of the dialect they use... is it called hip hop or black, I'm not sure... and also because Damali sometimes seems to go on and on in her head about nothing at all. Fortunately, any time this happened, it wasn't detrimental to understanding what was going on.

In this book, Carlos is able to fight his ever-strengthening vampire nature because of his love for Damali, and has become a valuable resource to the Guardian team. I'm glad to see his place is secured in future books.