Saturday, October 14, 2023

REVIEW: The Shadow Wand (The Black Witch Chronicles #3) by Laurie Forest

The Shadow Wand
My Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Wow! Pretty much nonstop danger for Elloren throughout this book—running for her life nearly the entire time! With very few allies, and a whole slew of enemies in both the Western and Eastern military intent or seeing her dead or enslaved, Elloren's life is in extreme peril.

I loved visiting and learning more about the Noi culture who, like the Amaz, are very maternal with a lot of women holding powerful positions. Very unlike the Gardnerians where the women are treated simply as second class citizens and breeding material.

Like the previous books, the writing is very well done and pulls you right into the story with it's descriptive prose... as if you're right there experiencing everything right alongside these characters. Because of this, I often found myself talking back to the characters quite a bit. Things like, "grow a backbone, Elloren!" and similar cracks were some of my most frequent. :)

And when they decided to send Elloren to Lukas in Gardneria for protection, I was like WTF??!! Definitely the Amazakaraan lands would've been a much safer choice. Or if that didn't work out for some reason, there were any number of alternate places they could've stashed her instead of right under Vogel's nose! Here, I almost felt as if she was placed there simply to advance the story line with Lukas. However, I didn't end up minding in the long run because I love me some Lukas... and that we got to learn so much more about his rebellious side. Yup, I'm Team Lukas, baby! :p

I was devastated with how it ended, but then had a massive "you go girl" moment when Elloren finally took the reins, grew a backbone, and fought back! I hope this self-confidence (and self-reliance) sticks because I'm getting fed up with the whiny, I-can't-do-anything version of Elloren we see so much of in this book. LOL

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