Monday, September 25, 2023

REVIEW: Wandfasted (The Black Witch Chronicles #0.5) by Laurie Forest

My Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

After reading an excerpt of The Black Witch at the end of Shadow Study, I was immediately intrigued. And since the next book in the Study series wasn't yet available to borrow from my library, I thought I'd dive into this new series instead, starting with the prequel novella. (Although at 200+ pages, this novella was no slouch!)

This novella details the story of Tessla Harrow, mother to Elloren Gardner, the main character in The Black Witch. Here we learn the back story of the Mages prior to The Realm War. The author paints a unique and richly drawn world, lush with magic, fantasy, and various races of beings. As Tessla is drawn to a handsome and powerful Gardnerian Mage, she begins to feel the depth of her power and the strong prejudices and injustices that have haunted her people for ages.

This novella just barely scratched the surface of what's to come in The Black Witch, and while I'll miss these characters, I'm already deeply enthralled in this world and anxiously looking forward to reading more. The Black Witch is up next!

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