Friday, August 11, 2023

REVIEW: Thistlefoot by GennaRose Nethercott

My Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆

While I was vaguely familiar with the name Baba Yaga, this was actually the first book or story I'd read about her and wow, I enjoyed it immensely. It was steeped in history and so engaging. I love the story of the sentient little house with chicken legs, how the story takes place in today's times but through flashbacks and memories, tells the full story of Baba Yaga, her daughters, and the house, Thistlefoot. I was also glad to have read this on my Kindle so I could easily look up unfamiliar words and terminology, since it used a lot of Yiddish vocab.

Story-wise, I was disappointed with how the siblings held so much back from one another, but I suppose that was in their nature... Bellatine not trusting Issac because he ran away when they were younger. But when Isaac tried to hide the truth from her about the Longshadow Man, that was frustrating... if anything, he should've been trying to get her to trust him. But who's to understand men and their thinking. LOL

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