Friday, January 18, 2008

#3 Betrayed: A House of Night Novel by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

My Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

In this follow-up to Marked, Zoey has begun to settle into her life at the House of Night, a vampyre finishing school for fledgling vampyres. She's taken over as leader and High Priestess in training of the Dark Daughters and Sons and is greatly admired by her friends and many other students in the school. Yet something is itching at the back of her mind; a strange darkness surrounds the school that somehow feels wrong. Zoey wonders if it has anything to do with the ghosts she's been seeing, or if it's all just her overactive imagination...

But when a couple of her old friends from Broken Heart go missing, and then later turn up dead, Zoey is inclined to start listening to her instincts. And they're telling her that perhaps the strange feelings and dreams she's been having might just be some sort of vision. For someone is definitely not what they appear, and betrayal can lie in the most unlikely of places.

I totally loved this book! It was a great follow-up to Marked. It even works well for readers who may have missed the first book as the author brings up any important points from the previous novel as necessary. In a few cases I found it kind of redundant, but probably because I'd read Marked right before Betrayed. But readers who went several months between reading the two books, or those who didn't read Marked at all, will greatly appreciate the reminders. Though as is usually the case with series, and especially here since I felt a real affinity for Zoey, I do think that reading both books will give you a deeper appreciation for the characters.

The 3rd book in the series, Chosen is not actually due out until March. Though I just happen to have an Advance Readers Copy waiting here on my shelf, which I owe a review to LibraryThing Early Reviewers for, so I will be reading that very soon. :)

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Unknown said...

I want 'Chosen' now!!!!

*pulls out a whip* will enjoy that too much...

*pulls out a gun*

This is a hold up! Hand over your ARC and nobody will get hurt!


Cherie said...

*giggle* it shall be handed over in due time... after I read it. :P And since I owe a review to LT Early Reviewers Group for it. It'll actually sooner than you might think! ;)

I'm soooo wishing now that I kept Marked and Betrayed for my PC instead of trading them away. I might have to pick up another copy of each. LOL Maybe they'll have a special "box set" with a nice price after Chosen is released...

Anonymous said...

I just started reading the books myself. I'm sorta into them but I just cant really grasp them. Its kind of dull to me. And the whole time I keep thinking back to twilight and how stephenies words just flew light poetry. Here in these books i'm not getting it.


Anonymous said...

i cant belive how much they cuss and stuff and zoey is kinda like a slut she has like 3boyfriends!!!:(