Sunday, November 25, 2007

#64 Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel by Ronda Thompson

My Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

On the night of her senior prom, shy, awkward Shelly Billington discovers that she has the ability to shapeshift into a werewolf, particularly when she's feeling scared or threatened. Unfortunately, that was the first and only time she's fully transformed, and superjock Tom Dawson paid with his life that night. Granted he had attempted to rape her and her rage took over, but still...

Now 7 years later, having fled that small town in Texas where it all went down, she's changed her name, her identity, and—one of the fortunate side effects of the change—her looks. She's now Lou Kinipski, successful supermodel living in a swanky high-rise in New York City. For the past 6 months however, Lou's been having strange nightmares... and strange "hairy" outbreaks that coincide with the moon's cycle. And two women who look very much like Lou have been murdered. I think her past is about to catch up with her... now!!!

I had recently read the Midnight Pleasures anthology, which included a short story by Ronda Thompson. That was my first introduction to this author and I really liked her style. I expect to eventually read her Wild Wulfs of London historical romance series via bookrings from CandyDarling, but was quite happy to find this stand-alone novel by Ms. Thompson which was just published last month. I do hope she decides to continue these characters in a series of their own as I really liked this book a lot.

I'd say it leaned more towards paranormal chick-lit, in the style of MaryJanice Davidson's Betsy Taylor series, as opposed to paranormal romance. We didn't have any sappy happily-ever romance/relationship issues. Lou's got her own real-life problems, but prefers to let the world think she's just an airhead supermodel with no brains. Her best friend Cindy is a lesbian, a makeup artist, and knew her back when she was still Shelly Billington. The many situations they get themselves into are touching, humorous, and fun. I truly enjoyed this book!!

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Marg said...

Ronda Thompson died a few months ago, so unfortunately there won't be any further books.

Cherie said...

Oh no! :( After your post I searched the web to find out what happened. Apparently it was pancreatic cancer. Here's the post I found:

Thanks for alerting me to that. And if anyone from her family or friends happens to see this (via a web search or something), you have my deepest condolences and blessings.

Cherie said...

and another blog entry about it:

ErinPaperbackstash said...

The books looks adorable. So sad about another author's death. :(