Thursday, March 22, 2007

#26 Love Bites by Lynsay Sands

My Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

As I'm not a fan of romances, I've been getting tired of paranormal books that are simply a straight romance in a vampire wrapper. Fortunately, I can't consider this series in that category. There's definitely enough tongue-in-cheek humor and back story with a bit of suspense to keep things entertaining..

Each book in this series focuses on a particular member of the Argeneau vampire clan. And this one is the story of Etienne Argeneau and Rachel Garrett. Etienne is 312 years old, the youngest son and 2nd youngest child of the beautiful Marguerite Argeneau. As the story opens, Etienne is faced with a dilemma: Each vampire is only allowed to "turn" one human in his or her lifetime, and usually that option is reserved for converting a life partner. However, Rachel Garrett has thrown herself in the path of a mortal blow from an axe-wielding maniac in an effort to spare his life, and thus endanger her own. Though he's felt an attraction to Rachel since first waking up in the morgue where she works, he doesn't feel right about converting her, even if it's to save her life, without her permission. Because though his race is extremely difficult to kill, a beheading would definitely get the job done. But then again, since she's saved his life, he feels that he can do no less for her than return the favor.

When Rachel wakes up a vampire in Etienne's home, she goes through extreme denial as Etienne tries to explain to her what she has become. It's only after she meets the rest of his family, discovering the scientific facts behind vampirism, as well as the sexual "side effects", does she begin to grudgingly accept the fact. But since she must learn to control her blood lust, and hone her new talents while the conversion within her body completes itself over the course of the next week, Etienne has asked that she remain with him in his home for a while as she adjusts to these changes. The attraction Etienne has felt for Rachel continues to grow. And Rachel recognizes Etienne as the man who has haunted her dreams, in a strangely sexual way, for the past several nights prior to her turning.

The story is ultimately a romance, but as I said above, it's got enough other things going for it to keep it entertaining and amusing. And I'm looking forward to keeping up with this cute, light-hearted series.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I have a copy of this languishing on Mt. TBR. *sigh* I'm eager to read it, too (of course, or it wouldn't be there, but you get the idea -- this is one I'm really looking forward to).