Wednesday, July 12, 2006

#38 Spirit Warriors by Devin O' Branagan

My Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

This was a really great book! I caught a few grammatical errors, but seeing as this was the first published edition of the paperback, I assume they’ve since been fixed in more recent releases. That said (cuz I’m such a nit pick LOL), I was really surprised with how good this book was, and I enjoyed it immensely. Even though I don’t see how the Native Americans can associate the color yellow with Earth. hehe (My tradition usually associates yellow with Air, which they used Blue for, and though I can see that because of the sky, you then have to make Water green instead of blue, and nice Caribbean water is blue anyway, and then once you’ve used green, you don’t have it available for Earth and are stuck with using yellow.) Okay so maybe that’s the 2nd thing I could pick on, and why I only gave it a 9 instead of a 10.

But none of that detracted from the story for me. I really enjoyed the characters. Fay really annoyed me with how gullible she was as soon as a man showed her the least little bit of attention, but I realize that’s exactly how human nature is, that people see what they want to see when they’re getting their needs met, or their egos stroked as in Fay’s case since Ahriman made her feel loved and needed again. Neva was great, she was my favorite! :)

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