Thursday, May 11, 2006

#25 H is for Homicide by Sue Grafton

My Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

I really enjoyed this one too. I think it’s because Kinsey is showing us even more of her personal side.

In order to solve a case of insurance fraud, Kinsey befriends Bibianna Diaz, under the guise of “just another gal in the neighborhood”. After following her to a local night club, a showdown ensues between two other people also on Bibianna’s tail, who attempt to abduct her and bring her back to LA to her former fiance, Raymond Maldonado. Kinsey, now known to Bibianna as Hannah Moore, and Jimmy Tate, Bibianna’s new husband, an old friend of Kinsey’s, and former cop gone bad, are there when all this goes down, and Tate ends up shooting out the driver as they try to get away, who turns out to be Raymond’s brother Chago.

To help cement their friendship and hopefully get closer to the information she needs, Kinsey maintains her fake identity when the police show up, and sides with Bibianna while they end up spending the night in jail together. While there, Kinsey is approached by Lt. Dolan from the Santa Teresa P.D., who asks her to go undercover for them to help them get to Raymond Maldonado. As it turns out, Bibianna’s attempt to defraud is small potatoes in comparison to the huge fraud ring that Raymond is running.

The story progresses as Raymond is there to meet Bibianna when her and Kinsey are released from jail. But Bibianna is scared shitless of Raymond and insists that Kinsey not leave her. So now Kinsey is “in”, and the story that ensues is full of grinding action and hard to put down.

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