Saturday, December 24, 2005

#86 Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison

Every Which Way But DeadMy Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

I really liked this book. I’ve enjoyed watching Rachel’s character become more proficient in her magick throughout the 3 books of this series. And mmmm… yummy Kisten… I’m glad he’s playing a more prominent role in this book too, and we get to learn more about him as a person. (And that Rachel is finally ready to kick Nick to the curb as she turns an admiring eye towards Kisten. But I won’t say too much there and ruin it for you.)

Ivy is no longer vamping out all the time over Rachel, and their relationship, while still very platonic, is less stressed than it was in the previous book.

That said, I think I still liked the 2nd book the best so far of these three, although this is still a very close 2nd, tied with the first one.

I’ll be sending this book out on a private invitation-only bookring among some of my BC friends… you know who you are. :)

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